Home décor can be a tricky one to nail and get right. Even if you have had your home for years and years, it can still sometimes feel like your home décor is never truly finished or maybe you have had the same décor for over a decade and you are getting sick of the same look. 

Whatever it may be, there are always small easy ways to liven up your living area without spending a fortune on an interior designer or expensive items. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 different ways you can breathe new life into your dull home without breaking the bank. Try implementing one or two at a time and see how dramatically this changes the layout and look of your home.

  1. Statement Artwork – Address those blank walls

    A great and effective way to brighten up your home and those blank walls is to add some statement or bold wall artwork. Even if you have had the same furniture and décor for years, you will probably find some blank walls around your home that could do with brightening up. 

    Statement or bold artwork always works a treat as you really don’t need many pieces at all because they are always the focal point of a room and really add a huge pop of colour to your home. 

    Now, statement artwork can either be extremely expensive or inexpensive, it depends where you look but don’t ever feel like you need to buy the expensive pieces for your home, simply going to a thrift store a digging through the framed artwork can be just as effective and also a lot more sustainable while giving off a vintage aesthetic as well. 

    If you are anything like me, you probably have some pieces lying around in the garage that you just haven’t got around to framing yet but now is your chance. Take some time out of your day to get the task done and trust me, you and your walls will be thanking you later.

  2. Elevate your bookshelves

    If you are anything like me then your bookshelves can often become a dumping ground for all the random little items that float around your home. Although, this can become a convenient place to keep these items it often makes those shelves look quite disorganised and hodgepodge. 

    Giving your bookshelves or any shelves in your home for that matter a revival is an excellent way to have your living room looking very organised and can dramatically change the dynamic of the room. 

    To begin, put everything away that doesn’t belong there, store those items in a place that can’t be seen like a draw or cupboard. Next, consider organising the books by colour, it doesn’t need to be perfect by any means,  but arranging your books by colour can make the display look and feel more deliberate and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. 

    We also recommended leaving small areas empty in your bookshelf and adding little decorations such as vases, photo frames, art, sculptures, whatever it may be that fits along with the colour scheme you are going for.

    3. Add indoor plants and hanging plants

    The addition of indoor plants breathe life into your home both figuratively and literally. If you love the natural, fresh kind of aesthetic then indoor plants will become your best friend. Without indoor plants, a home can feel quite stale and bland. 

    There are many ways to accessorise your home using indoor plants. If you don’t have much room left on the ground, try adding some hanging plants to your bathroom or living room area. This not only adds a breath of fresh air to that room but also a different dynamic. If you look in any home magazine there are always some form of indoor plants lying about and for good reason. 

    Not only are plants a great way to decorate your home, but they also provide a range of different health benefits that will amaze you. Studies have shown that indoor plants reduce stress, fatigue and colds, they boost your mood, concentration and creativity, they can help clean the indoor air, removing the toxins and increasing humidity and oxygen production and they even can reduce the noise levels within your home as they absorb the noise.

    4. Introduce some lighting 

    The introduction of different type of lights within your home is a great way to brighten up any area and fill an empty space within your home. If you find your overhead lights are too harsh, you could consider rearranging and adding floor or table lamps to create some mood lighting. 

    Different lamps tend to create different ambiances. Shaded lamps create soft lighting, giving your home a nice and cosy vibe, while more dull lights in your bedroom can create a more intimate vibe. 

    We recommend playing around with your lighting and figure out what kind of aesthetic you want for each particular room and then finding a light that fights that type of vibe.

    5.Restyle your living room area 

    The living room often becomes the focal point of your home since it is the most used room besides your bedroom, but you don’t tend to entertain guests in your bedroom. 

    Often restyling or rearranging your living room can give your home a brand-new look and revive that area. Simply adding some bold coloured throw pillows or blankets is a great way to brighten up your living room without spending a fortune. We suggest picking colours that compliment your couch and other furniture you already have. 

    For example, if your lounge is quite simple, with plain colours, why not add a few bold coloured throw pillows to create a different dynamic and liven up that room. On the contrary, if your living room furniture is already bold, adding some simple, plain throw pillows can help calm it down and create the perfect colour balance.

    Discover a great variety online to buy cushions of your choice. 

    However, you decide to revamp your home, we hope these 5 ideas were helpful and gave you some inspiration and motivation to start the process because we know you won’t regret it once its completed.  Do not hesitate to visit Australia’s best wall art store to find creative home decor solutions.