Here at Wall Art Designs, we always preach how adding or changing up your throw pillows can breathe new life into your home, but we never really delve into how to do so or more importantly, how to do so properly. I know what you’re thinking, ‘they are just throw pillows, surely they can’t be that important’ but trust me, the right throw pillows can either make or break your entire living room aesthetic. 

You would be surprised just how many choices of throw pillows are available, honestly, it is quite overwhelming, especially for those who have no idea where to begin. Don’t worry, that is what we are here for today, to help guide you when it comes to picking the perfect throw pillows for your home.


When it comes to colour, you need to pick one that compliments your living room furniture and the entire scheme of that room. If the room already consists of a lot of patterns or there is already a lot going on then sticking to a simple, relatively plain throw pillow shade will be the best choice to

compliment that room. Oppositely, if you have quite a simple, minimalistic design in your living room then picking one or two bold colours for your throw pillows will do wonders and brighten up your living room like you wouldn’t imagine. 

Patterned throw pillows are also incredibly powerful at brightening up any room and adding a little extra. Patterned designs work great with the minimalistic look but if you already have bold coloured furniture then we recommend staying away from an overly patterned throw pillow. 

As you can see in the above image, the couch is relatively simple in colour and not very striking on its own. However, with the addition of two-coloured throw pillows plus one patterned pillow it complements the couch perfectly and adds a little life to the furniture.  

Another important aspect you need to consider when picking out your throw pillows that often goes unanswered is what shape of throw pillow will complement your living room the best.

There are seriously an endless variety of pillow shapes you need to consider; these range from giant squares to long rectangles to chubby bolsters. You name it, they make it. When picking the right pillow shape, you need to consider two main factors. One, consider the scale and size of your existing furniture and two, the practical use of the throw pillow. 

When thinking about the size of your existing furniture in regard to the type of throw pillow you will pick, remember this rule of thumb told by Toronto interior designer, Mimi Pineau “Bigger cushions look great on large-scaled furniture with ample seating room, but keep cushions smaller on more delicate pieces,”

Now, when it comes to picking pillows for practicality, Mimi advises” If the cushion has a practical use, consider how it will be used. Square works best for full back comfort, she says, whereas rectangular will support the lower back or neck, as will a foam bolster for leaning up against.”

Eco-friendly choices 

We are definitely living in an age where sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture and home décor is all the rage, and it is amazing that this shift has been occurring over the past decade or so, with more and more people jumping on board.

Now, when it comes to eco-friendly throw pillows or cushions to buy online, you need to get creative which is also beneficial for your home as it adds a lot more personality and uniqueness. 

Finding a way to recover or repurpose cushions you already have is the most eco-friendly option as well as using hand-me-down or thrift shop pillows and pillowcases. If you are a whizz at sewing, then you will have no problem finding old fabrics lying around the house or from the thrift store that catch your eye and repurposing them into throw pillow covers. 

You will be truly amazed at how many stunning fabrics you will find in the most unlikely places. For example, you may be out thrift shopping and find a beautiful, vintage scarf or shirt but it isn’t really your style or size. That is the perfect opportunity to get creative and sustainable, turning it into a throw pillow cover.

Pillow fabric/texture

Again, you will be in awe at just how many different throw pillow fabrics and styles that exist. Throw pillows with tassels, pillows that are fluffy, pillows that are coarse, the list goes on and on. 

Deciding on the right pillow fabric and texture for your home is very important. If you have quite a simple living room and couch, then we highly suggest picking some throw pillows that have tassels or are of a visibly different texture than your run of the mill pillow. This helps add different dynamics and textures to your home in a very easy, inexpensive manner. 

On the contrary, if your home is full of patterns and different textures then sticking to a plain fabric throw pillow is the best choice. The last thing you want to do is have too much going on in one room, making it feel overcrowded and overwhelming on the eyes.

How to style them on your couch 

A great, easy way to style your throw pillows is to put around 3-4 on your couch and 1-2 on your lounge chairs, depending on the size and style of chairs of course. 

We recommend layering one to two bold or plain coloured pillows behind one patterned pillow in one or each corner of your couch. This will depend on the amount of throw pillows you desire and also on the style and colours of your existing furniture.

Alternatively, just like the image shown above, you can layer your pillows along the entirety of your couch with bold coloured pillows in-between patterned pillows. But remember, do not pick pillow colours or patterns that match your current furniture, you want them to complement and highlight your existing furniture, especially your couch.

And there you have it, a small guide to picking the right throw pillows for your home. Although at first glance, throw pillows do not seem like an important aspect of your home décor but boy do we underestimate the power a throw pillow holds at tying your entire living room together and really opening up and brightening your entire home. 

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